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What We Offer

Development of dynamic web applications based on PHP, JavaScript and MySQL, creating web, Marketing and Advertising websites.

Internet cafe also offers hosting and domain reserves, management social networking, web master services, search engine optimization and next news services prestigious bloc to boost the SEO of our customers.

Website Development.

Manageable, adaptive and versatile websites, carefully designed under intelligent and complete advertising strategies.

Using resources such as: codeIgniter, javaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, FormValidation allow us to develop adaptable web sites, on the other hand with the conscious use of SEO parameters we can offer optimized developments for search engines of each of the pages that constitute their Websites, so that all our web development will always be in the first Google search results.

We are able to insert within the web design all the social networking components that you want in order to support the web enhancement of your website.

Ofrecemos también la posibilidad de implementar plantillas prediseñadas que usted puede adquirir en nuestra tienda ver tienda. See shop.

Contact Us here, Briefly describe the vision you have of your website and we will send you a graphic and economic proposal to develop your project without any commitment.

Sample of recent website developments:
  • Real Estate Portal: Gisela Rojas, Real estate
    Portal and Administrative Panel for property management
  • Hotel guide: The JP Moser, Hotel & Chateau Guide
    Dynamic website developed in codeIgniter with CSM in Joomla
  • Corporate Web: Filtros Pasteur
    Filters and water purifiers
  • Institutes of education: Lucila Palacios
    Lucila Palacios Initial Education Center, a private educational institution.
  • Advertising agency: Araujo Web Art
    Photography Services, Graphic Design, Advertising, Paperwork in general, Design and publication of Web Pages.

Mini Ads

The mini ads is a unique and exclusive service that brings together a large number of bloggers, in order to boost a website by publishing short ads and relevant content on their different websites (Wordpress) Which are of recognized prestige..

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