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Development of dynamic web applications based on PHP, JavaScript and MySQL, creating web, Marketing and Advertising websites.

Internet cafe also offers hosting and domain reserves, management social networking, web master services, search engine optimization and next news services prestigious bloc to boost the SEO of our customers.

SEO Search Engine Optimization.

The Search Optimization service we offer consists of: Fully analyzing all the html of your website, with the aim of identifying weaknesses and proceed to adjust all the parameters required by the search engines, an analysis of the url of each internal link with the In order to evaluate the possibility of converting them into friendly url on the other hand, it includes a mini anunciosIn prestigious blogs with the purpose of promoting your website.
Summary of the SEO optimization solutions we offer to our clients:
  • Thoroughly analyze all the "html" pages of your website, report the weaknesses found.
  • Adjusting SEO parameters, ie: Organic positioning solution.
  • Analysis of the url of each internal link in order to evaluate the possibility of making them into friendly url.
  • Advertising campaigns are planned for mini ads which will be reviewed in conjunction with the client.
  • An analysis of the landing page is performed in order to optimize the landing page and avoid bouncing.
  • Finally, register in the main search engines.

Send us the url of your website and we will present you a proposal without any commitment!

Mini Ads

The mini ads is a unique and exclusive service that brings together a large number of bloggers, in order to boost a website by publishing short ads and relevant content on their different websites (Wordpress) Which are of recognized prestige..

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