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Development of dynamic web applications based on PHP, JavaScript and MySQL, creating web, Marketing and Advertising websites.

Internet cafe also offers hosting and domain reserves, management social networking, web master services, search engine optimization and next news services prestigious bloc to boost the SEO of our customers.

Installation and development of vtiger plugins.

Vtiger CRM is a professional tool for enterprise management. With it you can manage all facets of your company.

It has the most common tools in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) such as calendar, customer and supplier lists, product inventory, ticket and e-mail management, and others

Vtiger CRM is an open source project, which means that it is possible to alter the code or programming, add functionalities or customize it by incorporating plugins or extensions.

We have enough experience to offer the services of installation, update and development of the functions that adapt to your business through this fabulous CRM.

Recent CRM vTiger installations and / or updates:

Mini Ads

The mini ads is a unique and exclusive service that brings together a large number of bloggers, in order to boost a website by publishing short ads and relevant content on their different websites (Wordpress) Which are of recognized prestige..

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