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What is the ultimate business model?

From: James Compton, Quora I made about 126 k € in my first year as a freelancer, but it was really hard. What is the ideal mix between time, scalability, profitablity, team size, niche, happiness in life and a business one can sell?


  • Middleman.. Your job solely consists of connecting people, products, business with other people, products, and businesses.
    You can make gobs of money hand over fist and not really have to do much of anything.

Ever see Blacklist? Raymond Reddington is something akin to a middleman who connects various criminals with other criminals. The more time that passes, the more expertise, knowledge, and contacts he makes, which further serve to increase his earning abilities. The more expertise you have, the more money you make, and the more others will want to be around you, know you, and do business with you. It’s a self-reinforcing cycle if done right.

The middleman framework can be seen in companies like Uber and Airbnb - they connect people who need a ride or place to stay with people who have these to offer.

Want to know where there is a huge opportunity right now for this type of middleman framework? Business to business drone services. You (middleman) connect drone pilots with companies who need drone pilots.

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